Before Listing Your Home For Sale, You Should Know About These 11 High-Cost Inspection Traps

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When your home is for sale, industry experts say there are more than 33 physical problems that will be scrutinized during your home inspection. A new report has been released which, not only identifies these common problems but also informs you of what you should know before listing your home for sale.

There are numerous things that can result in an unsatisfactory home inspection, whether you own a brand new home or an older home. Any of these 11 issues could cost you greatly in term of repair if not properly identified and addressed. For these reasons, it is crucial you read this report before listing your home for sale. You will likely experience costly delays in the close of your home sale, or worse, lose prospective home buyers, if you wait until the building inspector finds these problems.

If you know what to look for, in most cases you can perform a reasonable pre-inspection of your own. Knowing what to look for and finding it early can help prevent small problems from growing into unmanageable and expensive nightmares.

A FREE report, “11 Things You Need to Know to Pass Your Home Inspection,” has been released to help home sellers address these issues before listing their properties.

To ensure your home inspection doesn’t cost you the sale of your property, order this report NOW.


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