Before Buying a Home Be Aware of
These 13 Extra Expenses

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Whether you are trading up to a larger home or considering the purchase of your first home, there are numerous costs in addition to the purchase price, that must be calculated to determine affordability. These additional costs, including things like taxes and fees, could result in a financial nightmare if you are uninformed and unprepared, resulting in you being unpleasantly surprised on your closing day.

While some of these additional expenses are one-time fixed payments, other may represent ongoing yearly or monthly obligations. So you can properly budget, it is better to know about these costs ahead of time, even though not all of these costs will apply to every home buyer’s situation.

Whether it is your first, second or twelfth purchase, buying a home is a major milestone. And with that milestone comes many small but significant details, as well as a great deal of excitement and stress to deal with throughout the process. In the hours prior to you taking possession of your new home, the last thing you need is unbudgeted financial requirements.

A FREE industry report titled, “13 Extra Costs to Be Aware of Before Buying a Home,” has been prepared to help home buyers understand and prepare for these extra costs and explain in which situations they may apply.

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Before buyinga  home be aware of these 13 extra costs