All NEW Home Buyers Should Know These 10 Secrets

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Most homes on the market are resales. However, one out of four home buyers purchase a new home. Is it better to purchase an existing home or a new home?

The answer is, both offer multiple advantages, so there is no right or wrong choice. Existing homes tend to be located in established neighborhoods and on average, are less expensive. On the other hand, new homes typically afford energy efficiency, innovative uses of space and optional upgrades and add-ons, not to mention the obvious, everything is new.

When deciding whether to buy a new or existing home, there are many factors to be considered: your tastes, your family’s composition, and your finances. Most home buyers consider a variety of both, new and resale homes before they decide which to choose.

Recently released, a new special report divulges the ten secrets every home buyer wishes they knew, in addition to little-known advantages, most builders won’t tell home buyers, unless pressed.
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All NEW Home Buyers Should Know These 10 Secrets